does this remind anyone else of the third spy kids movie when they got to level 5 and had to defeat all those robots and shit

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I don’t get why we should be worried if will is mad though? like yeah if hes upset that sucks yeah he’s a really happy guy in general but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t get upset sometimes he’s only human?????? i’m not saying we shouldn’t try to make him feel better i just don’t understand why everyone is making such a big deal it’s normal to get mad/sad/annoyed even if you are a happy person like will i’m sure he’s fine let’s just try t be cheerful and make him happy and not worry about it :)


I’m literally scared for William, he seems to be very angry :( we need to reassure him we love him and care!!


@IM5band: so @coleIM5’s hard at work on the new cover :) -Obama

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A couple pictures from IM5’s new shoot

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i don’t even care about the rest of the cover the last 20 seconds is all that matters to me and nothing else will matter for the rest of my life

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sasseh bby William ~


……wiggle wiggle wiggle