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September 28, 2013: MyWater Inside the Drop


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they’ll judge you anyway

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hide tenga eggs all around your home just in time for easter!!! fun for the whole family!!!!!!

krilljay: hey so i saw your tweet about tumblr 5ers & would've responded there but I don't dig twitter & yeah I was gonna say like 'that isn't all of us though' then I realized the conflict & that I probably should take that into account if i generalize twitter 5ers so cool thanks for that little enlightenment moment. Also your responses to all that crap going on are super kick ass and you're really eloquent bless u

yeah after that one i tried to tweet “it’s not all of them though i know a lot of them that are really sweet and i love those ones” but after like 5 tried it wouldn’t go through so i just gave up lol i wasn’t trying to be a bitch i was just pissed to sorry if that’s how it came off

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remember that time my sister made me touch will’s eyebrow





let’s calm down and talk about how i smoked a fuckin cinnamon stick 

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Anonymous: If you don't mind me asking, what are your thoughts on the im5sos cover (and it's reception by the fandom?)


I’m not going to give my opinion on the song, but I will say this:
Every single one of you has the right to share their opinion. Whether you love it, or hate it, you have every right in the world to say that. Artists want to hear what you think. Sometimes it’s hard to hear that your supporters don’t like something, but it’s in those times that we need to. I can’t speak for IM5, but I want to say, for me, all feedback (as long as it’s respectably conveyed) is appreciated.
It’s not really fair to say “if you don’t like it, you’re not a real fan”.
Y’all know me, I’m one of the biggest Blue October fans in the world. Do I like every song? No. That doesn’t make me less of a fan.
That being said, you have the right to say whatever you want, but keep in mind, people have the right to respond in any way they deem fit.
I just don’t like seeing y’all being nasty to each other.
At the end of the day, everyone has to remember one thing:
Fly Away Hero and IM5 are just bands. Our jobs are to make pretty sounds, not to instigate conflict. Let’s all just listen to some music, and wind down, alright? Have a cookie or whatever.

-Just another Nobody

i was with this until the 

"it’s not fair to say if you don’t like it you’re not a real fan" 

part because at least from what i saw the only time anyone brought up the real fan thing was when people started being legitimately rude to im5 and and being flat out disrespectful, it was never about people liking it or not, it was the blatant disrespect some people had while expressing their opinion of not liking it, if it was a simple “i didn’t really like this cover” no one would care, but saying things like they “completely destroyed a masterpiece” and “I don’t care how hard they worked on it it was shit.” is going to piss people the fuck off, constructive criticism is one thing but this is way too far and then to go hating on the band PERSONALLY just because they did a rendition of a song that fans ASKED THEM TO DO is again, way too far at least in my opinion, I didn’t even like it and a bunch of people didn’t but there’s a respectful way to express that, which certain people obviously didn’t know how to do, and that’s where the problem started, because the feedback was not, as you said, respectably conveyed 

this is why i stay on twitter

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